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South and Southeast Asia must increase economic cooperation, says the PM.

According to UNB, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called on South and Southeast Asian nations to cooperate economically for the sake of their respective populations.

In order to benefit everyone in the area, she continued, economic cooperation between South Asian and South East Asian nations is essential.

The prime minister made these remarks when the departing Republic of Korea ambassador, Lee Jang-keun, paid her a visit at her official house, Ganabhaban.
After the call, Ihsanul Karim, the press secretary for the prime minister, informed the media.

He said that PM Hasina was impressed by Korea’s accomplishment in becoming a prosperous nation within a generation.

She said that Bangladesh’s efforts to guide the country toward progress and prosperity were motivated by this accomplishment.

The PM remembered her two trips to South Korea, stating that on the second trip, she saw the country’s incredible progress.

The improvement of commerce, official development aid (ODA), employment, and investment between the two nations was emphasized by Ambassador Lee Jang-keun.

According to him, commerce between Bangladesh and South Korea was worth USD 1.5 billion in 2020 but is now worth USD 3 billion.

Additionally, he said that although ODA was at USD 500 million in 2020, it is currently USD 3 billion.

The envoy said that Korea is eager to hire qualified workers from the shipbuilding industry.

He was quite proud of the extraordinary progress Bangladesh has made in the last 14 years under Prime Minister Hasina’s direction.

He stated he was happy to have spent so much time in Bangladesh and that he loved the people there.

Broad-based Ambassador of the Prime Minister At the meeting were Mohammad Ziauddin and Mohammad Tofazzel Hossain Miah, the principal secretary to the prime minister.

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