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I’m here with you. Sheikh Hasina informs reporters

On Monday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to continue supporting journalists in the same manner she always has.

“Explain to me what I can do to help you (journalists). I’m always here for you, she assured.

The Prime Minister made this statement at a news conference on her trip to the three nations. Her statement included worries about the wellbeing of journalists and a declaration of a dearness allowance against the background of skyrocketing inflation.

Her official mansion, Ganabhaban, served as the location of the news conference.On May 9, Hasina flew back to Bangladesh from London after a 15-day official trip to the US, UK, and Japan.

The Prime Minister claimed to have a particular affinity for journalists since her father, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation, was a journalist for a while.

She said that in order to provide journalists with jobs and ensure their advancement, her administration has handed a number of television stations and publications to the private sector.

According to the prime minister, her administration approved annual dearness allowances for government workers in 2015 in response to rising inflation.

She said that since they are government workers, they can do anything.

But she pointed out that TV networks and newspapers are operated by private companies.

She said that the media companies’ owners would take the required actions to achieve this.

In response, the prime minister said that she was unsure of what the government could do.

However, she assured them that her administration would stand by them and asked the heads of the media what they could do.

The media owners, according to the prime minister, are wealthy and run independent companies, thus they are in a position to take the necessary steps to raise the pay for journalists.

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