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PM asks engineers to support the nation’s growth drive

The country’s major development force, the engineers, were urged to maintain Bangladesh’s current growth frenzy by the prime minister on Saturday.

“My only request of you (engineers) is that you maintain Bangladesh’s current growth trajectory. InshAllah, no one could halt Bangladesh’s progress toward development, she said while serving as the main guest at the opening ceremony of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB)’s 60th convention on the IEB’s premises in the capital.

The Premier said that “you people (engineers) are the main force of the country’s development” and that they are “working tirelessly for the development of the country’s people.”

When the Awami League approached the government, she said that Bangladesh is advancing toward development and expressed the hope that everyone would stay earnest so that “we could continue this development progress.” Sheikh Hasina said, “Our goal is to build the country as ‘Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041,” adding that they would put the Delta Plan-2100 into action so that no one in the country would suffer any more and future generations would have respectable and developed lives.
She remarked, “I expect that you (engineers) will do the work with that in mind.”

Sheikh Hasina firmly said that her administration never undertakes unneeded megaprojects. We don’t embark on pointless megaprojects, she said. She said that the issue she always placed the most focus on was determining which plan would benefit the country’s citizens the most while also generating the most revenue for the government.

“Numerous comments were made about the megaprojects. But once the initiatives are finished, the general public will profit from them, she said.

The Prime Minister was interested in hearing what individuals who opposed these massive projects had to say in this regard.

Regardless of the initiative, we always consider how much the nation’s citizens will gain from it. And what will the project’s return be when it is finished, as well as how quickly it will arrive,” she said.

According to Sheikh Hasina, she would never accept a project funded by a significant sum of money from a nation or organization if it won’t benefit the nation and its citizens.

“I want to let you (engineers) know about this. And I’ll never consent to it. Because I’ll act in a way that benefits our nation, she said.

The development work done by the administration, according to the prime minister, was not centered on the capital city. She said that “we have completed our development up to the rural areas.”

Sheiks Hasina said that the government’s ability to provide electricity, develop the communication infrastructure, and build Digital Bangladesh has helped to lessen the propensity to move from rural to urban regions.

Sheikh Hasina said that no indiscriminate industry establishment would be permitted in reference to the creation of 100 economic zones around the nation.

“We have designated areas for each industry where all services will be offered. To continue producing food, we must preserve our arable areas, she stated.

She placed a strong focus on developing the nation’s food processing and agricultural goods processing sectors.
The Prime Minister reaffirmed her commitment to ending lengthy large-scale subsidies in the energy, agriculture, and electricity sectors.
We must bear in mind that we must decrease this subsidy, she continued.

IEB General Secretary Engineer Md. Shahadat Hossain (Shiblu) joined IEB President Engineer Md. Nurul Huda in speaking.

Engineer Mollah M. Abdul Hossain, the chairman of the IEB Dhaka Centre, offered the opening remarks, while Engineer Kazi Khairul Bashar, the honorary secretary, addressed the vote of gratitude.

The ceremony opened with the screening of a video including a song about the nation’s major projects.

The Premier also presented diplomas and medals (a gold medal) to graduates of the AMIE section, various levels of engineers, and centers, sub-centres, and engineering divisions during the event.

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