Manzoor Pashteen along with other book for violating COVID-19 protocols, ANP leader among others booked

QUETTA: Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) chief Manzoor Pashteen, Awami National Party (ANP) organised public meeting breaking COVID-19 safety protocols, did not get no-objection certificate and violated loudspeaker ordinance because of which the police has launched a FIR against him and other in the party.

Mr Pashteen delivered a speech at the public gathering.

The police have registered FIR No. 217/21 against Mr Pashteen at Civil Line police station. Referring to the Balochistan Public Order Ordinance, the FIR said that Mr Pashteen was barred from entering Balochistan. However, with the help of PTM provincial president Noor Bacha, he reached Railway Hockey Ground and delivered a provocative speech.

In another FIR — No. 216/21 — police have stated that Mr Pashteen, Mr Bacha, Majeed Kakar, Khushal Khan Kakar, Mullah Behram, Zubair Shah, Rasheed Nasir, Noorullah Tareen, Umar Khan and ANP leader Asghar Achakzai made provocative speeches at the public meeting.

The meeting was held without obtaining NOC in which coronavirus-related SOPs were violated. The speakers at the rally provoked the participants by making provocative speeches against the security agencies while some miscreants held Afghan flags in their hands, the FIR said.

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