Sindh Foundation asking US to accuse Pakistan for human rights violation

Washington, US: Sindh people in Washington gathered and demanded the referendum.

The rally organised on the eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day by the Sindhi Foundation also demanded that the US sanction Pakistan.

The rally was held for action to be taken and raising awareness about the plight of Sindhis in Pakistan, which includes state-sponsored murder and abductions.

The vehicular rally of 20 cars adorned with bright banners and filled with energetic, flag-waving passengers across the capital city of the United States attracted the attention of the people.

The banners conveyed messages of resolve and demands like ‘save Sindh civilization’, ‘stop genocide in Sindh’; ‘water for life’, ‘save Indus River, and the UN must hold a referendum f

or an independent Sindh.
They also demanded the stopping of enforced disappearances of Sindhis, forced conversions of Sindhi Hindu Girls, and the release Syed Zain Shah.

The rally reflected the continued resolve of the Sindhi people to protect their freedom, culture, and natural resources, even — or perhaps especially — in the face of a worsening pandemic and political climate at home.

Rally participants made powerful statements at two stops, at the Capitol building and the Pakistani embassy.

“The Pakistani government and its military steals land, abducts civilians, bombs innocent children, and tortures prisoners. They suppress media reporting and journalism,” said Surya Naga, a human rights activist.

“We envision a world where Sindhis are free to return to their homes and explore their careers and revive their folk art, without children having to fear humiliation by an army seeking to expel them from their own land. A Sindh, where Sindhis can live,” said another participant.

Andrea Barron from Torture Abolition and Survivor Support Coalition (TASSC) also spoke at the Rally, where she appreciated the efforts of the Sindhi Foundation and Sufi Munawar Laghari, who is also a founding member at TASSC.

She also commended the team of Sindhi Foundation for completing 350 miles Long Walk to highlight Sindh issues in April this year.

Munawar “Sufi” Laghari ended the rally with closing remarks, saying “We want free Sindh, justice and peace. US and UN must support Sindhis. That is why we are here.”

The Sindhi Foundation exists to build bridges between Sindhi people and the international community and promote the freedom for Sindhis and all oppressed people.

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