World calling off for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Amid the Afghan tension the world is also boycotting Beijing Olympics after the pandemic and the doubt of origins of coronavirus from China.

Countries host Olympics for the prestige, honour and credibility it brings their government and nation – but the Communist dictatorship in China is one country that is “not deserving” of any of those, according to Liberal Senator Eric Abetz. This comes after a group of Coalition MPs sent a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Sports Minister Richard Colbeck to ask for what they called a “diplomatic boycott”. Under their proposal, athletes would still compete in Beijing but the Sports Minister and other government officials would not attend. Amid allegations of human rights abuses by the Communist Party in China, Mr Abetz said “I don’t think it’s right for the freedom loving countries of the world to simply say nothing can be seen here, let’s all enjoy and have a good time at an Olympics with such a regime”.

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