Baloch protests against the discrimination, and wrong policies for their people by Pakistan Government

Quetta, Pakistan: The Balochistan Provincial chief of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Maulana Abdul Wasey announced that a protest movement will be launched after Eidul Azha because, he claimed. The protest has been announced out of anger on the Pak government because of ill treatment, discrimination and wrong policies for the people of region.

Maulana Wasey, who is a member of the National Assembly, said a protest movement against the provincial government would be launched on July 29 in Quetta and other district headquarters in the province, reported Dawn.

“The incompetent and selected government has failed to deliver. It has given the people only disappointment by not keeping its promises during the past three years,” he said, adding that the people were facing long hours of electricity load-shedding in the harsh hot weather.

“Despite people’s protests, the government has taken no action against the officials of Qesco [Quetta Electric Supply Company] as load shedding is destroying orchards and standing crops in Balochistan,” the Maulana said.

The movement will be launched against the Balochistan government as the attitude towards elected representatives belonging to opposition parties have become more difficult, said Wasey, reported Dawn.

Poor people were not getting two square meals due to a sky-rocketing hike in prices of essential items, which had broken their back, the JUI-F leader said.

He said the government had even failed to give a new National Finance Commission award despite remaining in power for three years.

The JUI-F leader said if the present rulers were given more time to rule Balochistan they would completely destroy the national economy, reported Dawn.

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