BGB raises concern over killing of 86 Bangla nationals along the border, agrees to work with BSF on Rohingya issue


As expected, Bangladesh raised the issue of ‘rampant killing’ of its nationals in BSF fire along the border at a border forces meet in Guwahati.

BGB director-general Maj Gen Md Shafeenul Islam expressed his country’s concern over the ‘killing’ of at least 86 Bangladeshi nationals on the Indian side in the last three years for their alleged criminal activities.

Contrary to the concern raised by India, Bangladesh has claimed that no illegal immigration is taking place into India from that country, but has expressed concern over rising incidents of smuggling across the border.

It may be mentioned that illegal migration from Bangladesh has been a major political issue for political parties in Assam, Northeast and also in West Bengal with promises to deport such immigrants made in every election.

Islam also maintained that the GDP of Bangladesh is on a steady upward spiral due to which there is no reason for any citizen to come to India for jobs or any other reason.

“People have come with valid documents only for medical purposes. Many families in border areas have their relatives on the other side and they keep visiting them during festivals or other occasions, but with only valid travel documents,” he added.

In a joint press conference with Border Security Force (BSF) director-general Rakesh Asthana, Islam further denied the reports that some people have crossed over to his country from Assam as they did not find their names in the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Both sides signed a Joint Accord of Discussion and decided to construct single row fence in priority patches, conduct joint night patrols to prevent illegal activities and nab criminals.

The officials of both sides, however, expressed concern over the illegal movement of Rohingyas saying both countries are taking measures to control it by regularly apprehending such people on both sides of the border.

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