Death threat to Shakib-al-Hasan for inaugurating Kali Puja; cricketer seeks apology


Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib-al-Hasan and a member of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), who was in West Bengal; recently to inaugurate Kali Puja recently had to apologize to Muslim hardliners in his country after he received death threats.

The cricketer received death threats from a Bangladesh based Muslim extremists after he took part in the Hindu Kali Puja. Social media was flooded with the threats to Shakib recently after which he was forced to issue an apology to the Muslims in Bangladesh.

According to a reports the accused, identified as Mohsin Talukder is a resident of Shahpur Talukder Para in Sylhet, started the Facebook Live threatening Shakib al Hasan, accusing him of blasphemy and claiming that the cricketer’s action of inaugurating the Kali Puja had hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

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The accused, Mohsin Talukder, threatened to cut Shakib to pieces with a chopper. The Islamist even said that that he would walk from Sylhet to Dhaka to kill Shakib if necessary.

The Islamist also advised all the celebrities, including Shakib, to follow the ‘right path’. Meanwhile, the social media giant, Facebook has removed both the videos from the site.

Shakib went to Kolkata via the Petrapole border to inaugurate a Kali Puja in the Beleghata area. He could be seen praying in front of the idol. He returned to Bangladesh by plane a day after the event.

However Shakib had to apologize to the Muslims for “hurting the sentiments of Muslims in Bangladesh by inaugurating Kali Puja”.

“Media, social media everywhere it was flooded that I went to Kolkata to inaugurate a Puja ceremony which actually was not the reason behind my visit and I did not inaugurate puja” Shakib said during the Facebook live. “Puja was inaugurated by Firhad Hakim, mayor of Kolkata. In my invitation card it was clearly mentioned that I was not the chief guest for Puja” he said.

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