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Bangladeshi food delivery man is winning hearts for helping wheelchair-bound physically-challenged man cross road in Qatar

The Bangladeshi food delivery man in Qatar, who helped a wheelchair-bound physically-challenged man cross a road in that country, is winning hearts in social media.

Bangladeshi embassy in Doha also took note of the fact and showered praise on him. 

Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Qatar, Md Jashim Uddin, on Monday handed over a crest to Mohammad Yasin in recognition to his yeoman’s service, an official of the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs of Bangladesh said.

He said as soon as Mohammad Yasin parked his bike aside on the busy road, he saw a man helplessly trying to cross the road.

Without wasting time, he pushed the wheelchair and helped him cross the road safely, the official said.

“A passerby took a video of this incident and shared it on social media which instantly went viral,” a Facebook post from Uddin read..

The local authority of Qatar has noticed the social media post and rewarded Mohammad Yasin for displaying his civic responsibility.

Uddin also asked Bangladeshi expatriates to derive inspiration from the example set by Yasin.

He said such a gesture is going to help project a positive image of Bangladesh in foreign countries.

Besides getting a call from Qatar’s ministry, Yasin was promoted from a rider (delivery agent) to a “rider captain” of the Kuwait-based online food ordering company Talabat.

Qatar Tribune also carried the news.

“I am not sure where the man came from. I was delivering an order from McDonald’s. There were a lot of risks and fast-moving traffic, and he couldn’t see anything from the back,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

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